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CRAVEN FAULTS - Enclosures [LP](Leaf UK/Redeye)

This Yorkshire duo uses their second effort to prove they are really on to something in composing for both mood and minimal synthesizers. These three tracks are more musical landscapes than songs. The pulsating Teutonic "Hard Level Force" feels like a car ride as synths slowly enter the mix like seeing the faintest glimpse of an object in the distance coming closer to you. "Enclosures" feels very Cluster-like in the meditative juxtaposition of light and dark moods. The lengthy conclusion, "Weets Gate," is closer to the dense works on the first Harmonia album. However, it is neat how Craven Faults paint in darker tonal textures above the sequencers that duel behind them. The opening piece is the beautiful "Doubler Stones," a track that veers closest to Kraftwerk and astounds in its simplicity and how easily the pair controls the tension over ten very short minutes. Craven Faults show great promise for their union of slightly bleak minimalism and classic Musik Kosmiche.

PODIUM [LP/CD](Slovenly)

Straight out of Valencia, Spain, Podium unravel a blistering new Punk album that is both propulsive and well-constructed. A majority of the songs are speed-driven with vocalist Africa Mansaray barking out lyrics like an adenoidal drill sergeant. However, the band behind Mansaray takes the simple, straightforward tracks of Nick Trampolino (who once recorded all of them with guitar and drum machine) and very slightly adds touches of Post-Punk melodicism. A break for Podium is either the band pounding out the same note like propellers in sync on an airplane about to pull into the stratosphere, or an opportunity for the band to sound like an amphetamine-laced Joy Division. Songs are built for robots to pogo to and literally fly by your head in just 27 white-knuckle minutes.

JETSTREAM PONY - "Grief of a (Frozen) Sailor/Hit The Snow" [7"](Snowflakes Singles Club UK)

Straight from Brighton and Croydon, the fantastic foursome Jetstream Pony return with another sparkling single. "Grief of a (Frozen) Sailor" continues to build on the promise of their album as it finds new ideas to introduce to the suddenly crowded subgenre of Shoegaze. With their vocals la-la-la-ing away on top, "Grief" takes off quickly and leaves you not wanting to land. The B-side "Hit The Snow" is a real surprise. A strutting almost Fall-like groove with their glassy voices again above the fray.  Just in time for the Winter season and just enough to keep us settled until their second full-length on the way in 2021.


The studio creations that Muhammad and Younge are making as Jazz Is Dead really caught fire with the previous sessions that featured Roy Ayers, Marcos Valle, and Azymuth (all recommended.) With Spiritual Jazz legend Doug Carn, you get the opportunity to hear a little more of the JID band take the opportunity to step out and improvise. Carn's Hammond B3 is always leading (check out the big-beat funk of "Lions Walk" where Carn and saxophone player Gary Bartz play over the changes, but the backing band remains solid as a rock.)  "Desert Rain" allows Carn to counterbalance the horn charts and throw in some spellbinding runs. "JID 005" really shows that the Jazz Is Dead studio is quickly becoming another cauldron for new creation. 

GULA BLEND - INTE IDAG (Rama Lama Records SWE)

Malmo, Sweden's Gula Blend incorporate several new ideas on their new Rock album. While they are not afraid to tap into the urgency of Post-Punk (the rumbling bass that propels “Ah Sussi,”) the fun of Gula Blend is their restless switching between sounding slightly desperate/reserved to joyous, soaring choruses.  For example, the Punk/Jangly "Drama" loads all of its chords into its verse before obtaining its major release on the chorus. Closer "Finns Kvar" even reaches for a largely wordless chorus with a saxophone. "Inte Idag" eschews style and genre to capture the pure bliss of just playing Rock N'Roll. Whatever brand of Rock N'Roll Gula Blend mixes together, makes you want to hear more.

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